Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kathleen Foley Missoula

Kathleen Foley Missoula MT

The unethical practice of Kathleen Foley of Boggs & Foley Missoula MT will be discussed in this article. Ms. Foley was asked to defend a situation which was not a crime. Even Kathleen Foley admitted this fact in conference.

What is interesting is that NOTHING that was said to this attorney was kept in confidence. Kathleen Foley was used by the State, paid by the state and she had no attorney ethics for her client. While most attorneys at least keep attorney-client privilege, Kathleen Foley felt privileged to tell all.

I was graced with Kathleen Foley of Boggs & Foley Missoula MT as there was a conflict of interest in the case. The case? Writing on the sidewalk with chalk.
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While I wrote a writ of prohibition to the 9th circuit (see link above) Kathleen Foley played for the wrong team. She asked me inappropriate questions (about by personal history, not to help the case) and leaked this information to the prosecution. Of note here, the Prosecutor was also a witness, and could not bring a case in Ravalli Co. Kathleen Foley did not pressure the prosecutor, Bill Fulbright to ask a different jurisdiction to prosecute a man writing with chalk on the sidewalk.

Kathleen did not have any ability in her 20 years of corrupt defense practice to look the prosecutor in the eye and say "you can't prosecute this". Kathleen Foley is probably the worst attorney I have ever seen or witnessed, even in Montana (where the law school is ranked last in the nation).

Kathleen Foley is a proud gradaute of the University of Montana, ranked last in the nation. While I endured unlawful prosecution, Kathleen Foley of Boggs & Foley Missoula, MT got her fee and did nothing to immediately dismiss the case. People like Kathleen Foley have no soul.

I am attempting to WARN any person from retaining Kathleen Foley in Missoula MT. If you want to throw you life away, and you money retain Kathleen Foley of Missoula MT.