Friday, December 28, 2012

"Mark Vena of Synaptics and Francesco Barbarino of FBonline are about to end up like Lenny Dykstra"

mark vena of synaptics, francesco barabarino of fbonline and lenny dykstra
Mark Vena of Synaptics, Francesco Barbarino of and Lenny Dykstra – what do these 3 white men with small penises all have in common?
When a person loses everything with the exception of their faith in Jesus Christ and God something very strange happens…I’d have to say the the feeling is akin to the Book of Job.
The past 2 years for me personally, have been very difficult. I’ve tried my best to help others, tell the truth, set up new ways of thought and retain faith that change can truly manifest if one BELIEVES enough in the goodness of humanity as a collective…
But I feel tonight that I’ve been foolish…
So lets go for broke! Many of you are aware with the situation between myself and Lenny Dykstra…but there are others…
A LONG LIST of very successful, well off others who would rather not be named. Others who have everything to lose, where as at this stage I have NOTHING TO LOSE.
In 24 hours I’m going to give detailed accounts of Mark Vena – a software professional in the San Jose area who works for Synaptics and Francesco Barbarino a printing professional of Thousand Oaks California who owns FB Online Productions in Southern California.
If either or ANY party would like to stop this event from taking place (and the event will not take place only on this website, I have many, many, many, many others)  feel free to call 213-361-3579 or visit 1706 Tristan Flower Ave in Las Vegas. Don’t worry, this is not extortion – all you have to do to stop the event is RETURN TO ME EVERYTHING THE LOS ANGELES PORN INDUSTRY HAS STOLEN FROM ME. Keep in mind I have substantial evidence to back up every single claim I plan to make and I don’t mind being sued or doing jail time if need be. I’m not afraid of the here after either :)
So to conclude, have a wonderful New Year and be certain to thank Derek Hay of La Direct Models, Mark Spiegler of Spiegler GirlsAri Bass aka Michael Whiteacre and of course Sean Tompkins of TheRealPornWikiLeaks for this gift from yours truly.
( Now keep in mind that Sean Tompkins has made it known that he knows and has spoken to Frank Barbarino. Sean Tompkins has eluded to Frank personally having absolutely no issue in regards to my writing in great detail about his financial transactions for sexual pleasure - not necessarily from my first hand experience – but from the 3rd person perspective of his interactions with pornstars Malia Milian and Melrose Foxxx. )
Ps: Let me tell you all a little secret about the Los Angeles porn industry. It’s not what the girl looks like, how well she performs or even who SHE is that makes her a “sought after pornstar”…
It’s who’s daughter she is. Though it’s a blessing, it’s also a curse that my father happens to embody EVERY QUALITY that EVERY MAN IN OR ATTACHED to the Los Angeles porn industry that I’ve encountered hates most…
My father is BLACK, reached the TOP OF HIS INDUSTRY at Exxon/Mobile as an engineer, had a beautiful family and later came out of the closet responsibly and with self respect as GAY – and today he maintains a fantastic and close relationship with his daughters…especially ME.
Those who run and who are behind Porn Valley and it’s foundation which is organized crime don’t just want to fuck me, they want to kill me (and to silence me the latter is the only option…so BRING IT tiny white men with small penises…I’m right here waiting to beat the living hell out of you).
Alexandra Mayers
Skip to about the 17 minute mark – that’s where I discuss old white men with small penises such as Mark, Frank (who likes it up the rear) and Lenny (who’s a lot like Frank 

and porn director Will Ryder for that matter).

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