Friday, December 28, 2012

"Monica Foster may have been too much for Twitter – as is Child Pornography – but what about Stalkers?"

Monica Foster commentary: As of today my official Monica Foster twitter account has been suspended. Will it be reinstated? I don’t know… if not I will miss tweeting for about a minute, but as the saying goes“OUT with the old and IN with the new”.
sean tompkins  sending harassing text messages
I have requested that 40 year old porn addict and blogger TRPWL aka Sean Tompkins not contact me via text, but he’s evidently a dangerous psychopath who can’t stop. His future appears to be rather sad.
I’m glad to see that Twitter is finally (officially at least) removing accounts linked to Child Pornography. For a while now I’ve blogged and tracked adult entertainment professionals such as porn director Will Ryder, individuals associated with Mark Spiegler and porn blogger Sean Tompkins who produce, promote and/or post content of which I feel borders on (or is on the fringes of) child pornography and the exploitation of the image or concept of minors.  Strangely both individuals seem to have not been noticed by the powers that be at Twitter (which says quite a bit and will be discussed in my next book) or authorities who should care…but then again maybe they HAVE been…
I can only hope that Twitter is cleaning up their system in “stages”. Along with child porn needing to be wiped from their system, accounts promoting illegal prostitution and escorting, terrorists and stalkers do as well.
It’s possible that I was too much for Twitter (I tend to be to much for many systems – I have a history of overloading, breaking and then assisting in the design work of rebuilding them - that’s what I did within the Los Angeles porn industry system), but it’s also possible that there are people working the back end of Twitter who are linked to corruption – who are attempting to clean up their image in the public eye, only in effort to allow far worse activity in the near future.
Time will tell on this one… I suppose whether or not my account is reinstated will forever change the history of how scholars in the future view the Twitter social network, the activity of which I’ve witnessed take place on it and those who operate and maintain the back-end of it.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that often it’s the best of us who are evacuated right before the bomb is detonated. It’s nice to know I’m being watched, but even better to know that those who don’t follow Jesus Christ will have a hard time knowing exactly what I’m up to at this point in time.
It’s too late to change history now LA porn – I’ve done a very good job and I was PERFECT for PORN.
Michael Whiteacre on twitter
Michael Whiteacre won the “Stalker of the Year” award on – when you turn your back on Jesus Christ, that’s where your life goes.
Twitter has closed down several accounts after it received complaints that they contained indecent images of children, Sky News reported.
People reported the accounts to Greater Manchester Police and North Yorkshire Police. It was unclear whether the images were uploaded from Britain.
“We have received around 30 reports to the centre about these Twitter accounts. The accounts have now been disabled by Twitter,” the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre said.
A statement from Twitter said: We do not tolerate child pornography on Twitter. When we are made aware of such images they will be removed from the site without further notice.
A statement from Twitter said: “We do not tolerate child pornography on Twitter. When we are made aware of such images they will be removed from the site without further notice.”
trpwl obsessed with monica foster - tweets - an agressive and dangerous man
Click to enlarge: various tweets and posts over the past few years in regards to black women, Monica Foster, her father Ivan (who he appears very fixated on and who he regularly has posted homophobic comments in regards to). These posts display a pattern of behavior and point towards Sean Tompkins having the desire to physically harm or kill Monica Foster due his frustration of having a sexual attraction towards her and issue with his advances being rejected by her.
As of today Sean is stating on his twitter I posted his alleged address – that is a lie (but those who don’t follow Jesus Christ live in a world of lies)."

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