Friday, January 18, 2013

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, Eureka Montana Native, SAYS that Joyce Sterkel is no advocate for Russian Children. Crystal Cox Alleges that Joyce Sterkel Ranch for Kids Eureka Montana is Greed based in ALL Decisions and the Lure of MONEY, and Lot's of It, Trafficking Russian Children is ALL that Joyce Sterkel Ranch for Kids was ever After. Blogger Crystal Cox Alleges that Joyce Sterkel, Ranch for Kids Eureka Montana, is Evil Plain and Simple. The Ranch for Kids is BASED on a Business Model of Trafficking Children, and making BIG BUCKS and is NOT based on the Best Interest of these Russian Children.

"Eureka ranch at center of debate over adoption of Russian children"

"EUREKA – In the past year, the Ranch for Kids Project has come under scrutiny by top-ranking Russian government officials, who in June arrived at the respite care facility for troubled adopted children, many of them Russian, with a Moscow television crew in tow, criticizing the unlicensed boarding school for warehousing children in a remote corner of Montana.

The facility, designed for troubled adopted children who suffer from fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, as well as the effects of living in difficult conditions in orphanages abroad, also is in the midst of a lawsuit by a Montana Department of Labor and Industry board, which is challenging its exemption from state licensing requirements and fees due to its status as an “adjunct ministry.”

And, most recently, a decree banning Americans from adopting Russian children, signed last month by President Vladimir Putin, effectively stanches the procession of Russian orphans into the country, where American families sometimes find the children unmanageable due to extreme behavioral problems that are the result of gross neglect and damage caused by alcohol and drugs ingested by their mothers while pregnant.

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Also Remember that Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox has been speaking out against Joyce Sterkel and the Ranch for Kids for Years. Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox, me, has been reporting on, investigative blogging, on Joyce Sterkel and the Ranch for Kids for several Years.

Joyce Sterkel of the Ranch for Kids in Eureka Montana has criminally and civilly conspired with my death threat stalker Sean Boushie, with Opposing Counsel in Obsidian Finance Group V. Cox and other co-conspirators in attempting to SILENCE the flow of information on the Investigative Blogs of Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox. Joyce Sterkel of the Ranch for Kids has done this fight to silence Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox for several years.