Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marshall Bloom's Public Accountability at NIH Rocky Mountain Labs Hamilton MT

Ever since 2007 when I met Peter Pilkey, and at the time working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) I had an issue with Marshall Bloom designing a level 4 Biolab with no Bio-Hazmat capability within 50 miles.

Then recently, the Rocky Mountain Labs boast about working on the most dangerous types of virus, and other infectious agents in Hamilton MT.

In 2009 Peter Pilkey, a retired firefighter from Seattle published a letter to President Obama informing him of the fire-safety problem at Rocky Mountain Labs in Hamilton, MT.  Whith specific knowledge of the manpower in the Volunteer Firedepartment in Hamilton, MT (HVFD) and the aerial ladder truck purchased by NIH for the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department ($250K) it was clear to him the safety preparations for the Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Hamilton MT was not sufficient.

Fast forward to 2013 and Marshall Bloom, after operating a NIAID lab for the National Institutes of Health which endangers the public merely by the sound emissions in a residential neighborhood is now wanting to violate federal law by putting in his legacy project of an "Interpretive Center" for school children instead of a Federal Firestation to protect residents, federal employees, and federal infrastructure worth collectively more than $100M on the Rocky Mountain Lab campus in Hamilton, MT.

Requesting a Federal Firestation at RML
in 2009
Former US Representative Denny Rehberg--in Hamilton MT

The Kicker is the NIH goal within its mission of scientific integrity, and accountability to the public.  Todays national climate in the USA is not prone to annoy taxpayers and endanger them with their critical work.  Make no mistake, Marshall Bloom, one of the Directors at Rocky Mountain Labs was anointed White House liaison by the 44th President Obama, the Hamilton City Police Department received $150K in funds to help protect the Rocky Mountain facility.

The ironic part of that story is that the City of Hamilton has never incorporated, or has a charter although they claim 1894 without paperwork and is a year too late to be Ravalli County Montana's seat due to the inception date of 1893.  Montana Code Ann. MCA 72-2103 precludes Hamilton or Ravalli County lawfully existing.  In fact, Hamilton was annexed to Missoula Co. in 1890 by James H. Hamilton by sworn statement seen here:

Hamilton MT official plat map
Perhaps the real problem is the obligation Marshall Bloom has to his agency who has wet nursed him since 1977.  Apparently when you spend your life bending over and looking into a microscope, you miss the macro aspects of life like fire safety, noise issues from putting a gigantic Bio-4 lab facility in a parcel of 33 acres that is surrounded by residential US Taxpayers.
NIH NIAID RML BIO-Level 4 Lab @ RML Hamilton, MT USA
A normal industrial noise output is low frequency noise from exhaust fans.  This is why we have zoning laws to keep industrial processes like NIH NIAID Rocky Mountain Labs Hamilton MT well separated from residential zoned areas.  This idea went well over Marshall Blooms head.  For the past 5 years, the Northern boundary to the lab has been protected by chain link fencing instead of boulders and wrought iron as is found to the South, East and West of the facility.
Interestingly enough, the facility property lies below the base elevation of the 100 year floodplain, yet is not required to hold flood insurance although a different federal law violated by Marshall Bloom.  The other violation is the NEPA laws under 42 USC s. 4332 and 40 CFR s.1502-1508. 
What is most concerning is the US Government feeling they can make decisions that harm Americans because they are so powerful, important, and have many resources.  The problem is those resources came from the people who pay federal taxes in the United States.  Those same taxpayers paid for Marshall Blooms salary and benefits so he could study the effects of Aleutian Mink on society.  For all I know, people who wear mink coats get spay painted, and ridiculed.
Perhaps Marshall Bloom should wear a mink coat and really find out how people in Hamilton MT feel about his decision to bring a Bio-level 4 laboratory to Rocky Montain laboratories and disturb their sleep, reduce the value of their homes, and destroy their neighborhood so he can display his lab a wonderful place to unsuspecting school children.  Almost a Sandy Hook by NIH science: they will never suspect what hit them (until they start paying taxes for it). 
By not listening to trained professionals like Peter Pilkey, the Bethesda NIH fire chief, and myself the NIH committed the worst action of violating their agency goals: scientific integrity and accountability to the public.  As these microscientists like Marshall Bloom ignore the feedback and plow ahead in violation of US law, against their agency's mission and goals it only proves we have created a closed world within the US science field--one which feeds off an information loop that they are superior to the public they are supposed to serve.

Peter Pilkey's letter to US president Obama (The Montana US President letter) about NIH Hamilton