Friday, March 1, 2013

Brian Tannenbaum LOVES his First Amendment Messiah, and Rabid Randazza, Puppet Master Has the WHOLE world believing Crystal Cox extorted him, yet this BIG DICKED Attorny files no criminal complaint. And he has the whole world believing Crystal Cox had a blog about a 3 years old, with the help of his BITCH, alleged Co-Conspirator Kashmir Hill of FORBES, when NO Such BLOG EVER Existed. His Circle Jerk Attorney Buddies think he is a First Amendment Advocate and a Good Guy? BULL, Says Pro Se PLAINTIFF Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox who just FILED a RICO Complaint Against Him and his ALLEGED Co-Conspirators to EXPOSE them and WARN the PUBLIC as Large.

This Article is RIDDLED with Flat out Lies about Me, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox. And yet Seems to have First Amendment Protection to LIE, Defame, and be "Obnoxious about me, however there is some good stuff too.. it's worth a read, even if just for a Good Laugh at Ol' Peckerhead Randazza.

"“Marc Randazza is one of the most prominent First Amendment lawyers in the country, yet he isn’t first on Google. He isn’t even on the first page by any marketing he’s paid for — he’s just there, in the middle, because he’s caught the attention of another member of the Bar.

“The question is whether you want to be a lawyer that other lawyers write about (positively), or whether you want to just pay for or create a fake reputation."

Source of Above Quote

Pro Se Litigant Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox Says: Or you can PAY $350 and Get a Judge to Give you a Preliminary Injunction regarding a Trademark you Don't Have, and Just Take the Domain Names.. or $500 for a WIPO Complaint, where you can LIE, Defame, Present False Evidence and simply Steal Google Ranking. And avoid all that hard work, experience, and marketing expense.

I, Pro Se Litigant Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox, NEVER ever blogged about Randazza's child, but I did take over the search engines top ten to expose his hypocritical, EVIL Ass. And so he simply TOOK all my blogs and domain names through WIPO and his INSTANT access to the Courts and Judicial Decisions. AND WaLa magic Internet Marketing by CORRUPTION.

Marc Randazza took the first page of search results FROM Me by Suing me, taking my Domain Names and Blogs via a Preliminary Injunction and Lying to WIPO, then he redirected all those high ranking domain names to ONE Blog Post Defaming Me, and he calls that Free Speech RIGHTS.

AND Some More.. Get YOUR Hip Waders NOW.. 

"Read between the lines. Even though Tannebaum sounds like a lawyer who’s embittered by the lack of his own Google net worth, he might not want to trade places on Google with Randazza right now for all the tea in Massachusetts, Florida, California, Arizona, and Nevada, the states Randazza’s licensed to practice in.

Because of a defamation case, Randazza’s three year-old daughter, ...., has become the target of Internet terrorism. Even the mob keeps kids out of it, but not Crystal Cox apparently.

Cox, a blogger, is a Montana woman who calls herself an investigative journalist. I’m including a YouTube clip of Cox. Cox strikes me as a very rough customer who’s overamped, obnoxious and apparently finds it difficult to hone in and focus. Judge for yourself what Cox might be capable of.

So far Cox has been capable of attempted intimidation of a three year-old child. Even Forbes magazine took sides by revealing Cox for what she is."

Source of Above Quote

LIAR Marc Randazza, and LIAR Kashmir HILL have Ignorant Bloggers who can't read facts, such as this guy, believing I tried to intimidate a 3 year old, which is flat out nonesnse.

Then He makes fun of my videos. Hey Fuckhead, it's my video, if you don't like my "Independent Product" don't watch it. I have fun, I report the story, I tell my experience, and have a First Amendment Right to Do So. Who cares if seem to rough to you, if I am "overamped" and having fun with my story, and you are not smart enough to get all my SUBJECT matter at once so you say I can't Focus.. NONSENSE and "obnoxious" Gibberish I Say.. but gee.. now what was I saying.. oh yeah.. I was all out of focus.. on a tangent and not I am Back..

You have no LEGAL right to flat out LIE about me, which you do many times in this article as you post "nonsense" about defamation of a 3 year old of which I NEVER published her name, photo, nor had a blog on her, and you NAME her. That attack on a 3 year old was STAGED, Lied about by Marc Randazza, the DAD.. and Kashmir Hill, the Lying Defaming Bitch.. Never Happened..

Did you See the Alleged Blog? NO.. 
Because there NEVER was ONE.

This ignoramus, with no facts, with actual malice accused me of Internet Terrorism of a 3 years old, pure nonsense. Rabid Randazza LIED and all you IDIOTS ate it up. Talk about someone who is defending the WRONG person, this guy is a real hypocrite.. bitching about Brian Tannenbaum, but doing the SAME THING.. sucking up to Big Daddy Randazza.

oh and as for this ASSHOLE, "Cox strikes me as a very rough customer who’s overamped, obnoxious and apparently finds it difficult to hone in and focus." Why don't you "hone" your lips in on my ASS. You are are a clueless FUCKNUT. .. so Neener Neener ...

My Ninth Circuit Case, will FURTHER enable guys like this to spout gibberish lies. Dig deep folks and find the facts to all this. Marc Randazza has LIED about Pro Se Litigant Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox OVER and OVER, and is COMPLETELY above the LAW. 

.. . now where was I.. lost my damn FOCUS again.. what WILL the Randazza Fan Club think of me now.. ?? OMG.. If only I could FOCUS..  .. Hey there Goes a Butterfly..