Monday, June 24, 2013

Dave Pounder aka David Mech - author of the book Obscene Thoughts. Dave Pounder aKa David Mech

Monica Foster Reports on Dave Pounder aKa David Mech:

"You are better off burning a $20 bill than spending it on the book Obscene Thoughts (written by David Mech aka Dave Pounder).  Anyone who knows Dave personally, knows that he is a sociopath who has never been able to live a normal life due to what can only be perceived as a sex addiction.

As of current, it has been brought to light that David Mech aka Dave Pounder is aware of a rapist actively working within the South Florida porn industry, but has done little (if anything) to make anyone aware of this issue or to find out the rapist's real name (he claims to have been unable to though he claims to be an "esteemed porn director"). Typically pornography directors who have worked long term in an industry know the real name's of their peers - but not David Mech...

David Mech was recently contacted via email by an ex female talent (a talent by the way who shot her FIRST PORNOGRAPHIC SCENE with with David) who inquired as to whether or not he knew the rapist's real name, being that the last time they spoke, he mentioned the rapist's stage name UNPROMPTED.

David Mech aka Dave Pounder IGNORED the ex-female talent's email (most likely in effort to protect the rapist who is most likely his friend and/or associate), but had no problem contacting that same ex-female talent later for assistance in promoting his badly written book. Fortunately that ex-female talent has regained enough sense of self worth to tell him to get lost.

The bottom line is, David Mech only cares about one thing - himself. David Mech aka Dave Pounder is under the belief that he can do whatever he wants to do in life without ever facing any consequences. His overly inflated sense of entitlement and level of greed is disgusting.  David's lack of empathy, compassion and emotion appears to be symptomatic of mental illness. It is strongly advised that anyone who comes in contact with David Mech, use EXTREME CAUTION.

To learn more about the true nature of David Mech aka Dave Pounder, click here to read about SOCIOPATHS."

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