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Laser Haas regarding Romney/ Bain / Goldman Sachs and the eToys Bankruptcy.

"In 2001, eToys approved my control.

2002 - Control taken away by the crooks (Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital)
(attorneys for eToys, Bank/Creditors & CEO I hired - Lied/worked for Bain)
MNAT is eToys/Laser's attorney - Paul Traub is Bank/Creditors counsel.

2004 - My attorney emails me threat to back off/ my daughter abducted
(their kidnap plan did not have the discouraging effect they desired)

December 22, 2004 - eToys Emergency Hearing Held on Fraud/Perjury
(DOJ replaces Trustee over eToys with Fraud prosecutor

Feb 15, 2005 - eToys fraudster confessed (in part)

March 1, 2005 - Confessions made permanent part of record.

Feb/March 2005 - Laser finds another $100 million fraud and reports it.

April 2005 - Deputy Director DOJ U.S. Trustee's RESIGNS!

eToys shareholder Robert Alber joins Laser in quest for justice.

May 2005 - Laser's attorney withdraws.

July 24, 2005, visiting Judge from Ohio threatens Laser to back off - OR??

July 25, 2005 - Wall Street Journal tells part of story
NOTE: WSJ spells my name wrong and gets it reverse order

All this time, my evidences are being given to the United States Attorney Colm F Connolly in Delaware (who keeps saying no laws are being broken).

August 25, 2005 visiting Judge Baxter keeps his promise; and dismisses Laser without holding evidence hearing (and comes up with A-Z reasons arbitrary & capricious)
SEE ATTACHED order and take note - Judge states CLI never filed and then corrects itself and says CLI filed 2 bare bones - this is erroneous. MNAT was the court approved counsel - thus MNAT NEVER FILED and the DE Court ordered that I file "bare bone" general description of works (they did not want item by item - Too Much evidence what work was done) 

NOTE: You cannot dismiss anyone under Poulis without a evidence hearing

September 2005 - eToys shareholder Robert Alber appeasl #05-830 and Laser appeals to District Court (#05-239).

October 4, 2005 - eToys Bankruptcy Court heads off appeal with Opinion
(that states No Perjury was proven - even though Confessions in record)
(see pages 51 & 52 - refusal of court to Notify U.S. Attorney {Connolly})

December 1, 2005 - Emergency hearing held where DE Bankruptcy Court judge is being asked by MNAT to dismiss the appeal of HER OWN CASE.

Robert Alber and I traveled across country and called FBI in Baltimore.
U.S. Marshals come to hearing and judge cancels the hearing allows appeal.

In October 2006, District Court Judge Kent A Jordan (KAJ) holds an emergency hearing and orders all attorneys (not just person most knowledgeable) to be on the telephone call to chambers. Then His Honor rules that the appeals are going forward for Full Trial and actually tells the attorneys

"Your lives and liberty are on the line here gentlemen"

6 weeks later Judge Jordan is promoted off the case and then case is closed.

In 2007, we learn 3rd Circuit Judge Walter K Stapleton was partner MNAT.
Also in 2007, learn that Robert D Angelis (removed US Trustee Dec 2004)
was (secretly) promoted to General Counsel U.S. Trustee's
THEREFORE - all evidence to Federal Police was to the very person that I was calling for investigation off. 

Also in 2007, we find out that U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly 
was a clerk for Judge Walter K Stapleton and PARTNER of MNAT in 2001
(he worked for the crooks the very year they did the crimes)

On December 7, 2007, we report Colm Connolly's corruption to the Public Corruption Task Force in Los Angeles (because of Colm's conflict of interest and his unethical refusals for 7 years to investigate his former partner/clients - and not informing/recusing himself from the case where he is connected to Targets federal felonies).

Federal Judge's clerk in Los Angeles instructs me to get Each and Every page of my submissions, including forms and brief - Time/Date stamped - ALL.
(see attached 3057(a) - Clocked)

12 weeks later the Public Corruption Task Force is SHUT DOWN
(and reportedly - career federal prosecutors are threatened)

Romney doesn't even win Iowa - and all media outlets stop calling.

In 2008 some of Romney/Traub partners are arrested
Marc Dreier - Tom Petters - Larry Reynolds - Greg Bell
In 2009, Greg Bell's partner (Marty Lackner) offers a file to Laser
(then Marty Lackner purportedly commits suicide)

NOTE: - Marty Lackner is brother of J. Lackner
(that would be MN Assistant U.S. Attorney J. Lackner)

NO local media has the guts to put out the public corruption scandal.

Larry Reynolds laundered $12 billion for Traub/ Petters Ponzi
While Larry was under investigation by FBI, SEC, IRS in Las Vegas
and his real name is REservitz (Larry was in Witness Protection)

Larry Reynolds shared an office 12 feet away from Laser Haas
and is the person believed to have arranged the kidnapping of daughter.

22 people connected to Paul Traub (who has worked with Romney 20 years)
went to prison - including Michael Catain, Greg Bell, Bob White, Larry Reynolds, Rothstein/connected by Discala Larry Reynolds Marc Dreier (20 years), Tom Petters (50 years) and Ed Okun (100 years).

In 2010, Anna Schaefer dies suddenly (paid to move back to MN by Laser)
Also Harry A - in Delaware working with Politicians/ State Police former head (who is deathly ill of cancer) and 2 Jacks - Harry Dies of Cancer as does Anna Schaefer.

Robert Alber's life time friend (Gary Ramsey) who is also co-owner of their Kingman Arizona house - VANISHES - when one of the connected persons gets out early from prison (after Johann Hamerski told Robert Alber "People like you who turn down bribes - Wakes Up Dead).

Then Robert Alber has to shoot/kill Michael Sesseyoff for attacking him.

Sheriff rules homicide self-defense; but press/radio say Sesseyoff good guy.

Michael Sesseyoff was a career criminal with 36 Convictions.

Johann Hamerski, working with MNAT, keeps after trying to get Alber arrested.


One Jack (John "Jack" Wheeler) in Wilmington DE winds up dead in the dump. Mr. Wheeler's house was ransacked; but nothing apparently stolen. Jack Wheeler was a West Point man who worked for 3 Presidents (Raegan, HW Bush, GWB) - also helped as head of Vietnam Memorial and Senior member MADD (mothers against Drunk Driving).

News stories paint Wheeler as possibly on drugs and attorney for Wheelers family said "we believe the killer has left the state".

Problem is, Wheeler (who worked at SEC and understood eToys case) - is now documented on film to have visited the Nemours Bldg twice, before he was murdered (Medical Examiner said Wheeler died of blunt force trauma).

Colm Connolly is the Wheeler widows attorney who offered $25,000 reward so that all information on Wheeler's murder would go to him. Colm offered this reward 3 weeks after Laser Haas began telling the story and looking for killer with his website and blogs.

Colm Connolly's office is in the Nemours building

In 2011 - Romney begins President Election Run and files his Federal Election Campaign Finance Office of Government Ethics 278 Form - trying to hide the fact he was CEO of Bain Capital during eToys. 

Mitt signs (August 2011) - under penalty of perjury - that he had Nothing to do with Bain Capital in any way after February 11, 1999. This lie is exposed when Laser sends evidence to all news stations. 

However, Romney's Bain Capital owns "Clear Channel Communications" (acquired with Racketeering monies) and its 800 stations - 100 million listeners (with shows like Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and Glenn Beck). calls for Federal Investigation of Romney's Perjury

July 2012 - Federal Receiver Petters Ponzi scheme states that Paul Traub was controller of Petters Ponzi. Media also points out that Traub was partners with fraudster Marc Dreier. ( see Law Tribune story - HERE ).

September 2012 - New York Supreme Court announces that it is RE-opening eToys case.

Also in September 2012 - Rolling Stone Cover story points out other (between 1999 and 2001) issues of Romney/ Stage Stores/ Kay Bee Toys and $100 million fraud. 

November 2012 - Romney loses election and smaller media outlet ( and reporter/activist Rmuse - tells Laser's story with title "Meet the Man Battling Romney 12 years".

March 9, 2013 - New York Times does story on Goldman Sachs / eToys

Less than 3 weeks later - Bain Capital cancels Toys R Us I.P.O.

NY Public Corruption Task Force promoted party of eToys case to OIG
and the NY Supreme Court of Appeals announces hearing eToys May 29, 2013

New York Supreme Court of Appeals on eToys -Decision Imminent.

It is Haas's intent to file Racketeering against Romney/ Bain / Goldman Sachs.

Laser Haas
Justice is due diligence"

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