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ViVID should be STOPPED from Parody Porn "Remy LaCroix doesn’t think children’s movies like E.T. should be made into porn parodies". Porn News Today ~ Alexandra Melody

remy et capriMonica Foster commentary: Finally, someone else is willing to publicly state that CHILDREN’S MOVIES SHOULD NOT BE MADE INTO PORN PARODIES.  For the past 2 or so years, I’ve had a major issue with certain Los Angeles porn studios making adult movies based on children’s themes (I’ve blogged most recently about how I felt the recent Wizard of Oz adult parody is a problem).
The recent announcement of an adult parody based on E.T. in my opinion definitely crosses the line (and why isn’t Universal Studios putting a stop to this production?).
The alien type of which “E.T.” is, doesn’t even look remotely human – which crosses the line into besteality as far as I’m concerned.
The whole thing is creepy, and I don’t blame Remy one bit for backing out.  I think it’s monumental that she’s an active pornstar publicly taking a stand against the tainting of a classic children’s movie.
LOS ANGELES — There’s more to DreamZone’s upcoming “ET XXX” parody than meets the eye. For one, the person inside the alien’s costume is a woman, two-foot prosthetic penis notwithstanding.
Jim Powers, director of the parody, told XBIZ that the suit was designed by Cleve Hall, a special-effects guru who starred in the reality show “Monster Man.” His daughter, who often helps him with his projects, was the one inside the costume.
“It’s a fake penis,” Powers said. “She was in the suit, like on her knees, and we stick a fake penis on it and she just moves around.”
DreamZone’s “ET” is a little different than the little bugger you may remember from the ’80s family classic. Hall’s XXX E.T. has three testicles and, instead of a light-up finger, brandishes a light-up penis.
Although Capri Anderson plays the lead role of Elle, derived from the original male character Elliott, it is Jody Taylor that has sex with E.T.
“Remember his finger lit up and he healed things with it?” Powers said. “So it’s like she gets a cut on her lip and his penis lights up and he touches her lip and the cut goes away. It’s healing.”
Remy LaCroix didn’t find the suit and its pimped-out tip quite so magical.
According to Powers, LaCroix was originally cast as the lead for the illicit spoof, but canceled at the last minute because she was “scared” of the creature.
“About five in the morning, the morning of the shoot, [LaCroix] finally gets around to reading the script,” he explained. “It’s been our script weeks ahead of time. And she actually called me up, cancelling on the movie, saying she had a problem being in a movie with a sexually charged alien.”
LaCroix told XBIZ that she actually paid Powers $400 not to do the shoot, insisting that she was “more disturbed than scared” of the concept of a sexualized kids movie. The fact she grew up watching “E.T.” only fueled her discomfort.
“The professional in me didn’t want to cancel but the person that I am couldn’t go through with that, so it was sort of an internal struggle,” she said. “At the end of the day I have to be proud of what I put out there.”
“I just don’t think children’s movies should be made into porn parodies,” she added.
LaCroix said that the scene where E.T. “heals” Elle’s lip with his glowing member was one of the deal-breaking moments from the script that made her realize that she could not go through with the shoot.
That, and that the fact that she “has taste,” she said.
DreamZone representatives had no comment about the casting issue.
Because Powers could not replace LaCroix “with just anybody,” he rustled up the well-known starlet, Anderson. The whole ordeal set back the shoot several hours.
“Luckily Capri Anderson had just escaped from being held hostage by Charlie Sheen and she was able to come to the set,” he said. “And I have to say that nobody’s watch was stolen on the set, so maybe she did not steal Charlie Sheen’s watch.”
Sheen previously claimed that Anderson stole his $165,000 watch from his hotel room after she was allegedly hired to escort him to dinner.
Powers said that the film captures all the memorable scenes from the original Spielberg flick, including the iconic flying-bicycle ride.
“It’s the same tear-jerking movie that it always was,” Powers concluded, adding that his version might induce some other types of jerking as well."
Source of Porn News Today, Monica Foster ~ Alexandra Melody Post
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