Friday, March 28, 2014

Amended Complaint in Equity for a Bill of Pure Discovery, Marc J. Randazza Harassment Suit against Tech Companies to data mine and violate the rights of privacy of Investigative Bloggers, Porn Industry Insiders, and Video Technology Inventor Eliot Bernstein.

The above complaint is full of lies, gibberish, chaos, non-fact, flat out BULL and yet Marc Randazza abuses his power as an attorney to use a Florida state court to lie about, harass, and data mine for private information from those who are exposing his connections to organized crime in the Porn Industry. FULL of Flat out LIES.

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox's Objection Filed / Mailed to Miami-Dade County

Here is my Recent Motion to Sanction Marc Randazza in Nevada Case Randazza v. Cox

Here is his response in which discussions the Godaddy Case filed in Miama Dade ( or I mean lies about the case filed)
Note on Page 8 he claims that the Godaddy Lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County is unrelated to Randazza v. Cox, when it is everything to do with all his same accusations.

Here is the Lying, Defamatory Law360 Article on this Case

Here is the Florida Action Randazza names, that I, Crystal Cox filed against him, but he never accepted service, but now touts this action as a jurisdiction issue in his favor.
(this is only the first 100 pages)

Check out the Florida Dismissal, this Judge must love the Porn Industry, he acts as if I am crazy for talking about Prostitution in Porn, he really let's me have it. Me, the blogger reporting on organized corruption in porn from the blogs of insiders who KNOW.

Here is a case with more to it


Cox v. Randazza

Desi Foxx, Diana Grandmason on this Issue

"A Randazza Legal Group Warning as I Join List of Bloggers Threatened by Free Speech Attorney Marc Randazza"

Published on Mar 24, 2014
Investigative blogger Crystal Cox relates her experience with Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group.
I just got my first notice from Godaddy that Marc Randazza is exploiting Miami’s court system in an attempt to gather my personal information. Now, the truth is he already has my information so this is simply a scare tactic to try to inhibit my freedom of speech.
Ironic isn’t it? An attorney who promotes himself as a protector of Porn Valley organized crime player’s freedom of speech threatens bloggers and uses our domain registrars and hosting companies to harass us. I’ve notified Godaddy that Marc Randazza has already admitted in written communications with Godaddy that his firm knows this is an illegal manipulation of our judicial system. Thus, they are both liable if my personal information is, in fact, released to any party.
“Upon further review of the subpoenas issued to GoDaddy, we realize that they were not properly issued.  Pursuant to December 2013 changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the subpoenas should have been issued from the United States District Court for the District of Nevada and not the District of Arizona.  (See Fed. R. Civ. P. 45(a)(2).)  Accordingly, we withdraw the subpoenas.”
Ronald D. Green, Jr.
Randazza Legal Group
3625 South Town Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89135
Tel: 702.420.2001
Fax: 702.420.2003
So now he comes to Florida. Guess we’ll need to audit the Miami court system if they are allow organized crime syndicates who openly prostitute and sex traffick women in both Los Angeles and Miami (where my daughter and subsequently myself, were both trafficked from) to use their court system to harass and threaten activists exposing Porn Valley AND Porn Beach corruption and crimes.
Wondering why Marc didn’t file in Tampa courts? Could it be he knows he’d be on my territory here and he stands a better chance in Porn Beach? In Miami, these pimps are right at home. Their second home, that is!
This email is to inform you that we have received a properly formatted Amended Complaint in Equity for a Bill of Pure Discovery for documents in the following civil action:Marc J. Randazza et al. v GoDaddy, LLC et al. issued by the Miami-Dade County, Florida 11th Judicial Circuit Court, Civil Action No. 2014-5636-CA.  Our response to this subpoena may require us to disclose some of your personally identifiable information.  Therefore, we are providing this notice as a courtesy to give you an opportunity to object to the Amended Complaint.  The only way to object to a properly filed Amended Complaint is by filing an objection with the court in which the matter is pending.  If you intend on filing an objection, please let us know within 3 business days.  If we do not receive an objection notice indicating that you have filed or will be filing an objection, we will continue with producing the documents requested and may charge your account according to our registration agreement.  Should you require additional time within which to file your objection with the court, please let us know.

In order to obtain further information related to the pending litigation or a copy of the subpoena, you may contact counsel for the requesting party as follows:

Marc J. Randazza
Randazza Legal Group
2 South Biscayne Blvd., Suite 2600
Miami, FL 33131
888.667.1113 Telephone"


Here is the Full Docket of Randazza Legal Group suing Blogger Crystal Cox to Shut her up and talking about Desi Foxx and Monica Foster.

Crystal Cox Videos Discussing this Issue

Posted here by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox