Saturday, May 31, 2014

Why can't Ted Bernstein just accept that his parents disowned him because he is EVIL and cut him out of the WILL?

Ted Bernstein is all butt hurt that Daddy don't like him anymore and won't support his evil ways, so he seems to have made a mad, corrupt, scheming, fraud on the court, down right EVIL dash to kill off his own father and perpetrate a magic show with his butt hurt buddy Robert Spallina to commit fraud on the court, forge documents and sign Daddy's name after he died, conspire to get millions in life insurance for a trust that Spallina oversees but don't seem to exist and WOW it's like a magic show that see's Ted Bernstein rich and in nurse nan's botox for the rest of his days. 

OOPS, there is a monkey wrench in his plan, that is called the TRUTH and those willing to give everything, no matter how long it takes to tell this truth, to stand up for what is right, do the right thing, obey the law, and stand FIRMLY on the right side of the moral compass.

That will, one day see Robert Spallina and Ted Bernstein in PRISON, and darn not in the same cell as they may have wished.

So Ted gets wind he is cut out of the will, and then he goes to the alley with Spallina and they cook up a scheme, bring in nurse nan and some drugs, lose the will that cut's Ted out and gets rid of the evidence, otherwise known as Dad. Hmmm.. 

Sorry.. just a Novel I am working on, certainly not TRUE.. Right? 

I mean what kind of evil, would be involved in a drug overdose of their father, perhaps a murder to then call the police, allege murder, then conspire with Daddy's attorneys, maybe even offer them a cut, and make the WILL that cuts him out disappear?

.. and at the expense of his own children? a VERY sick, dark and Evil man indeed.

Sure is FISHY that magically there is a Trust that includes the Evil Doer, Ted Bernstein, but the will / the trust that cuts him out, seems to have run off like the dish with the spoon.

Rumor has it, and if you read this entire blog, sure seems true to ME.. anyway rumor is that ol' Teddy boy found out that his Evil ways caught up to him and he was cut out of the will so a Plan he made INDEED. And guess what, the LIGHT WINS.