Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Marc Randazza abuses the court process to create a media and blog storm of false information. You see they are "only" reporting on the case. Randazza does this deliberately to force settlements and win lawsuits. Roca Labs is RIGHT ON.

"Despite being an Officer of the Court and a practicing member of the Florida Bar, RANDAZZA has waged his war against ROCA by intentionally and maliciously publishing many false and defamatory statements in his pleadings, with the intent to share them to his contacts in the media, and indeed by directly speaking to the media about ROCA with the intent to have them publish false, misleading and defamatory articles about ROCA, and by harassing and making derogatory statements about ROCA via his personal social media sites including his Twitter account"

Source and Full Legal Action against First Amendment PORN Attorney Marc Randazza aKa scumbag, hypocritical asshole, liar, and lawless.

Randazza Legal Group Sucks
Marc Randazza Sucks

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