Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope Francis canonizing Junipero Serra as Saint when he was involved in leading a native American genocide is not of my values nor is it something the America people should be happy about.

As far as what was done to the Indian Nation / the First Nations, I stand with their rights and the Catholic Church needs to start with make things right for the Indian Nation, and this does not mean just casino owners, the people need help and change across the board. And they deserve their land returned to them.

Yes Pope Francis is a progressive Pope. Yes he is part of bringing in the light to dark places. We as a people created this change however, and that is what I am excited about. The root of all evil in America is the Catholic Church as they killed, oppress, tortured, stole and this pope represents change, healing and a beginning to bring light to all truth and heal all those the Catholic Church has harmed and oppressed over centuries. And did so horrifically, violently and not GODLY.

We don't forget the persecution of witches, actually burned alive and tortured with sick evil, and all because the Catholic Church did not want women of power, women who heal and the people to have the power among themselves.

We cannot heal the wounds of the Catholic Church without making a stand for the Indian Nation and facing the truth of what the Catholic Church did to them. Then we begin to heal.

Pope Francis NEEDS to revoke the Doctrine of Discovery. It is not Saint like to kill mass people in the name of God or for any other reason. It is not Saint like to wipe out an entire culture, steal their land, their gold, their water and on top of that take their language, their religion and their quality of life.

Pope Francis canonizing Junipero Serra as Saint when he was involved in leading a native American genocide is not of my values nor is it something the America people should be happy about.

My joy in Pope Francis coming to America, is because I see the Light. I see the hope and the sign of great change among so many people oppressed. I see a great liberation of races, religions, sexuality and a deeper freedom for all of us worldwide. I see a change n the Catholic Church that represents the Light WINNING.

That does not mean I support anything to do with the Evils or oppressive ways of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church will fall, will change, will be liberated to the light. And to survive at all they have to open to the light, embrace equality, expose pedophiles and do all the things Pope Francis is doing. The consciousness of We the People around the world has changed, has risen, and either the Catholic Church steps into the light or it falls, plain and simple.

Pope Francis's mass message was good, and of the Light in my opinion. It is time for equality, love, empowering others, and helping without prejudice. However, we need to make it right with the Indian Nation and the crimes of the Catholic Church against the Native Americans needs to be faced, redeemed, admitted and action taken to make it right.

Also it is clearly apparent that the Catholic Church still supports male dominance. There was no female leadership with him. Woman are still kept down in the Catholic Church and this is immoral, unethical and certainly not Godly nor what represents the values of Jesus or us as a people on Mother Earth.  The Catholic Church has a long LONG way to go, but I feel Joy at the progress made and the light filtering in.

Pope Francis canonizing Junipero Serra as Saint has other layers such as the motto of Serra, "Keep Moving Forward". Spiritually I feel that this is a bridge to assist Catholics to gently cross, to move forward, a crutch per say. However, doing this and not at least apologizing for the actions of now Saint Junipero Serra is immoral at the very least.

I would personally go so far as to say that Saint Junipero Serra is EVIL, is Dark and there is no place in the hearts of people like me for a Saint who destroyed people, killed people, stole land and participated in a genocide of the First Nations, period.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox