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Did Leilani Ochoada even know Mitch Huhem? Or did Florida Lawyer Laurence Pino set all this up to hide Mitch's ownership of 7020 Lion Head Lane in Boca Raton? Did Lawyer Laurence Pino trick an unsuspecting woman into pretending to own a corporation? If so Why? Was Mitch Huhem Murdered? There is a lot more to this then call it a suicide and move on.

Let's take another look at the ownership of Lions Head Land Trust Inc., the Florida Corporation that owns 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton. 

We see in the last page of the Article of Incorporation for Lions Head Land Trust Inc., that a Leilani Ochoada at the address of 7020 Lion Head Lane in Boca Raton is swearing to the document being true as per Florida Statute 817.155. See Link Below:

THE Florida Law as Listed Above is

Title XLVI - CRIMES - Chapter 817

817.155 Matters within jurisdiction of Department of State; false, fictitious, or fraudulent acts, statements, and representations prohibited; penalty; statute of limitations.—A person may not, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the Department of State, knowingly and willfully falsify or conceal a material fact, make any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation, or make or use any false document, knowing the same to contain any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry. A person who violates this section is guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. The statute of limitations for prosecution of an act committed in violation of this section is 5 years from the date the act was committed."


With a Typed Electronic Signature it sure seems easy to make it look like someone is swearing to something that they may or may not have been involved in. Sources say that Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson drew up the documents and possible that Leilani Ochoada did not understand what she was signing, incorporating or her rights or responsibility in the matter?

If one can simply type a name and send it to the secretary of state and incorporate, then it sure seems that there is a whole lot of room for possible fraud or people setting up corporations in other people's names.

The question of course to me then would be why sign it? Was it a favor? Was she paid a small fee to sign it or as she thought possibly witness the document? Did she know what she was signing or her rights in any way? Or did attorney Laurence Pino simply dupe this woman as he was most likely paid big bucks to create this mirage to protect Mitch Huhem or others for some mysterious reason.

It appears that Orlando attorney Laurence Pino set up a Bogus Corporation for Mitch Huhem? But why? Was it to protect assets? To defer liability? To hide assets? Or was it to hide Mitch Huhem, was he in danger from someone?

And why did Laurence Pino Florida attorney choose Leilani Ochoada as his mark? What did he say to her, threaten her with or promise her to get her to go along with all this?

Per the warranty deed you see only Ted S. Bernstein, his attorney Alan Rose as witness and another witness. And you see the Buyer as Lion Head Land Trust Inc. of which is incorporated by Leilani Ochoada. You see no trace of a Mitch Huhem or a Laurence Pino. You only see this one woman left to take the heat, the liability, the media on all this. Why?

Here is the Warranty Deed listing buyer as Lion Head Land Trust Inc.

Lions Head Land Trust Inc. Incorporation Record filed with Florida Secretary of State on 
6-04-2015, as you see ISL Inc. is named as the Registered Agent.

Lions Head Land Trust Inc. Filed Articles of Incorporation filed 6-04-2015

We already know that ISL Inc. Does not Exist. What a Tangled Web of Deceit. But Why?

Maybe Orlando attorney Laurence Pino set up a phony corporation for Mitch Huhem to help him avoid taxes, hide assets, deter debt, get a mortgage or some other illegal activity on either of their parts.

I mean if it was all legal and above board why create a corporation in some woman's name who has nothing to do with any of the parties?

Maybe Orlando attorney Laurence Pino simply used Leilani Ochoada, a woman he knew who used to rent from him as I am told, in order to have a person incorporate a multi-million dollar property in which the true HIDDEN owner was Mitch Huhem who resided in the home at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton and was a member of the St. Andrews Country Club. Maybe Leilani Ochoada has nothing to do with any of this? However, it seems to me that she has liability, possibly even debt on the property that may or may not be under water (owe more then it can be sold for).

One possible scenario in such a circumstance, in my Real Estate opinion is the following:

The property at 7020 Lion Head Lane was once listed at 3.4 million per court documents. It is worth at the very least 1.8 million right now and was way undersold by a man name Ted S. Bernstein who is the alleged Trustee of the Simon Bernstein estate, however that has been disputed for years. Ted Bernstein SOLD the property for wayyyy under market to get a quick sale. This sale was FORCED on the heirs who disputed it with massive proof and legal reason why. Yet Judge Martin Colin ruled that the sale had to happen and in a certain forced time frame.

One would have to get a Title Report on the property at 7020 Lions Head Lane right now to see the Liens on the Property. If the property has a mortgage, a lien. It is my real estate professional opinion that the Lion Head Land Trust Inc. would be responsible for that mortgage and not the person living in the home and not on the warranty deed. This would mean that the EIN number of that corporation would have to apply for that loan on that property and I would assume that the Incorporator of the Lion Head Land Trust Inc. would have to sign for that mortgage, if it exists.

There could easily be mortgage fraud, that would only be proven by getting a title report on the property at this point in time.

Not saying he did, but Mitch Huhem may have got attorney PINO to set up a phony corporation to get a property loan of say 2.4 to 3.4 million, which is more to the real value of the home. Attorney PINO may have got a large sum of money to do this for Mitch Huhem if he did. And maybe Mitch used that money to pay 1.1 to Ted Bernstein for the home and used the rest to pay other debt from past real estate issues, or other debt he had for whatever reason.

I am simply saying that there are fishy circumstances here. I have owned my own real estate company for 16 years and there is a WHOLE LOT of NOT RIGHT with all of this real estate paper trails, titles, and corporations.

Leilani Ochoada seems to think per Laurence Pino that she was USED to incorporate the corporation but that she has no legal rights or responsibility. That may be true, an honest, ethical Florida attorney would have to sort that out. But if so, then why would Mitch Huhem and his attorney Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson need Leilani Ochoada to have her name on all this and as if she resides at 7020 Lion Head Land in Boca Raton when clearly she does not reside there?

If I start a corporation today in Florida, and I buy property and put that property in that corporation name then I am responsible as the person who created the corporation, right? I mean if I start a corporation and buy property then I own that property right, control that property? I can get a mortgage on that property through the corporation I started. I have to pay taxes and insurance, mortgages and liens and I am responsible for a property that a corporation I control holds title to right? Responsible and Liable in every way, right?

Did Mitch Huhem threaten to tell on someone? Did he know too much? Was Mitch Huhem Murdered? Well it sure seems that the Palm County Sheriff SEEMS to think it a suicide period and not a murder, but why? Was it simply a scene that was so easily determined a suicide? Or were cops or detectives paid off? Happens all the time in Florida as I am told. So what really happened ?

After reporting on the alleged murder of Simon Bernstein while he lived at 7020 Lion Head Lane in Boca Raton for many years, and the related estate cases of Simon Bernstein and Shirley Bernstein, I have NO FAITH in the ability of the Palm County Sheriff to investigate a murder or a suicide.

Did Florida Attorney Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson set up Leilani Ochoada to take the limelight on all this? Why did Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson create a phoney corporation and bring in Leilani Ochoada to sign the documents, to incorporate? What was the gain to Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson ? Why put Leilani Ochoada in so much danger and liability? What is the gain and to who?

There is ONLY one thing left for Leilani Ochoada to do. And that is to tell the Truth, to report the situation in it's entirety to the best of her knowledge. As it sits now, she seems to own or control the corporation who legally owns 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida.

I am a real estate EXPERT and I simply don't see how anyone else owns that Legal Description accept Lion Head Land Trust Inc. as per the Warranty Deed. And with this comes responsibility for any debt, liability or liens on the property, in my experience and opinion.

My opinion and reporting is based on filed documents that I have read and my interpretation of them. I don't really need to speak with a person to report on a filing that they signed as true and correct under law and sworn oath.

In my opinion one does not simply "find themselves" in a circumstance they created or allowed to happen. And in this must stand up, tell the truth and do the right thing.

Reporting on this corporation ownership matter is NOT about getting sides of a story. It is about reading actual state filed documents and forming an opinion from that and linking to those documents so that other's can form opinions, give tips or help create a clearer picture. Reporting the NEWS is not about calling all sides, it is about reporting the facts, which is what I am doing to the best of my ability as well as asking questions, giving opinion and speculating.

Modern Media uses online information to report and calling both sides is a thing of the long gone past. The Facts speak for themselves.

It is a FACT that Lions Head Land Trust Inc. took title to 7020 Lion Head Lane in Boca Raton, that is from the actual warranty deed. It is Fact that Leilani Ochoada is the incorporator.

There are many questions that need answered. The Palm County Sheriff seems to think it's a suicide and the why of it all may or may not be anything the investigate for REAL.

I can't help but wonder through tips received, how Leilani Ochoada knew that Mitch Huhem died last week? And how she seemed to know he died in or at the property, as I did not know nor did so many out there. Exactly who told her that Mitch Huhem had died in the home, a home in which a corporation she incorported owns? And why didn't she say anything to those who contacted her for a recorded interview in these matters?
So did Mitch Huhem commit suicide because of this tangled web of financial fiasco he created? Was it created for him? Was he threatened or coerced into it all?  Or was Mitch Huhem murdered in connection to the Simon Bernstein Estate, Ted Bernstein, Judge Martin Colin, attorney Alan Rose, attorney Donald Tescher, attorney Robert Spallina and more involved in the Simon Bernstein Estate Case? Or was he murdered due to other matters he was involved in? Or was his death truly a suicide. For now, MOST do NOT believe that Mitch Huhem's death was a suicide.

I Truly am sorry for those close to Mitch Huhem who lost a friend, father, husband, brother or mentor.  Blessings to you, may your heart heal.  

This post is written by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox upon my knowledge, research, interviews and opinions. 

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