Monday, March 14, 2016

Is the Palm Beach County Sheriff Detectives, the FBI, the DOJ, and all those detectives and authorities supposedly investigating the Death of Simon Bernstein and now of Mitch Huhem actually investigating, questioning, looking into this stuff at all?

a Few Questions:

1. Why hasn't the PBSO questioned the person Mitch Huhem allegedly was supposed to be Meeting with on the morning of Tuesday Feb. 22nd 2016 being Ted Bernstein as of March 10th, 2016?

2. Why hasn't PBSO questioned the man who claims he had an appointment to work out with Mitch Huhem the night he died?

3. Why hasn't PBSO questioned Laurence Pino as to why he created a fake LLC, and why he seems to be in HUGE financial business with Deborah Huhem.

4. Why is PBSO so quick to call it a Suicide but the authorities don't even question the person was supposed to be having a Business Meeting with (Ted Bernstein, allegedly)? Or even consider Mitch Huhem's death to be a murder and NOT a suicide?

5. Why did Mitch Huhem's wife Debra Huhem Not Call ANY of Mitch's Actual Family for nearly 24 HOURS After Mitch was allegedly first discovered Missing? Was he missing? Why can't the family see the body or the crime scene? Was there really a death?

6. Where was Debra Huhem during the time that Mitch Huhem allegedly killed himself ?  Was she "hanging out" at Ted and Debbie Bernstein's?

7. Why has Ted Bernstein alledgedly not talked to the PBSO yet and his friend and business partner, Mitch Huhem, was found dead in Ted Bernstein's father's garage? Where a few years before, Ted, himself called the PBSO claiming his father Simon Bernstein was murdered while living in that very home at 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton Florida.

8. What about Laurence Pino?  When was he questioned by the PBSO? Was he?

9. If it is an Open investigation, why didn't the PBSO notify Judge David French the Investigation was Open when a Hearing came up to determine who has proper authority to make decisions for Mitch's Estate, Mitch Huhem's body and burial, when his so called "friend" attorney Laurence Pino who allegedly changed Mitch Huhem's Will and was involved in setting up the fraudulently filed Lions Head Land Trust Inc., witnessed by attorney Alan Rose of Mrachek Law firm and was a Witness who should be questioned by authorities, not acting as an attorney for Dehborah Huhem in a major conflict of interest in David French's court?

10. Why hasn't Attorney Alan Rose been questioned by the PBSO, as he witnessed the signature of the Lions Head Land Trust Inc., that took title to the property and was a fraudulent corporation of which he new and conspired to create and take title, allegedly?

Much more on this and action you can take to demand justice, coming soon.

Contact the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Palm County Sheriff Office, the Florida Attorney General, the Florida Governor, and more. Here are a few contacts for now.

Demand that the Florida probate court Judges, attorneys and co-conspirators have a full investigation at every level. Demand that the Mitch Huhem death be investigated, reported on and that full disclosure of all cases, deaths, and cover ups related to 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton Florida be investigated.

Any complaint you file, send me a copy along with who you filed it with, so we can ensure accountability, truth, and transparency.

Complaint to DOJ against Florida Police Officers not taking action and not actually investigating the crimes associated with 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton.

Contact the U.S. Department of Justice

The Division of Internal Affairs Boca Raton

City of Orlando Internal Affairs

Orlando Police Headquarters
Email to

FBI Contact Information

FBI Tampa
5525 West Gray Street
Tampa, FL 33609
Phone: (813) 253-1000


PBSO Office (Local Detectives)

Boca Raton Police

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