Sunday, March 27, 2016

the Air in Port Townsend Washington is TOXIC. Believe what helps you sleep at night, the TRUTH remains to be the TRUTH. Find your Facts for Yourself. Do not believe me or anyone. It is your Body, your Life. Still the TRUTH is the TRUTH.

ORCAA is NOT telling Port Townsend Residents the TRUTH. 

ORCAA says,:"Paper mill odor

While it can be a source of unpleasant smells the Port Townsend Paper Co. is not the source of excess particulate matter, Hadley said. 

“The odor from the mill comes from reduced sulphur compounds, which the nose detects but the instruments do not,” she said. 

“We do not believe the mill provides any kind of health risk.”

Source of this BULL

This is NOT True Folks. The Port Townsend Paper Mill is producing fine particles and YOU are breathing them and it is TOXIC. Do not believe ME, do not believe ORCAA nor anyone else. DO your homework, it is your body, your children's lungs and health, your quality of life. YOU get to choose what you believe or IGNORE.

It is my OPINION because I can READ and think for myself that INDEED the Port Townsend Paper Mill PROVIDES a Health Risk. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. 

The Port Townsend Paper Mill is owned by BILLIONAIRES. Your Lungs and Quality of life is of NO Concern to them. Believe what you must, however the facts are out there if you really want to find them. If you don't then you don't.

Jefferson County Health is NOT doing their Job to Protect Jefferson County. Neither is the Jefferson County Commissioners nor the Washington DOE.

"when compared to "other" places" WHERE? China? 
What places is this comparison. Good news the air is mostly, pretty much oK. Folks do you own homework. There is billion dollar companions involved and they do NOT have your lungs nor your children's lung's or health on their priority list. YOU are breathing ammonia. Is even a little bit of poison OK?

The ORCAA study plays down the Toxins. The school is the worst? Is this really ok with people. How do you feel? Are you tired, are your kids sick. They ARE breathing fine particle TOXIC air. They are breathing ammonia.

This list is from 2009 and its way worse now.

This on top of polluting over 12 million gallons of water a day and in a time of massive drought.  All this is ok with YOU, Really? Ok well you are in charge. If you don't want to breath Toxic Air, pollute 12 million gallons of PURE spring water a day, pollute the soil with massive acidic toxins, and pollute the Port Townsend Bay and the Puget Sound with massive toxic acid, well then you will, ONE DAY stand up to the DOE of Washington, the Port Townsend Paper Mill GREED, the Jefferson County Commissioners, the Town of Port Townsend, and Jefferson County Health.

Local nurses and doctors know of the cancer rates in Port Townsend, they know of countless children who had to leave due to the TOXIC air and others that stay and try to get well. WHY? Well because on the service Port Townsend is amazing. It seems as though a healthy place with lot's of  wonderful Organic Farms however there is NO WAY to be ORGANIC when your crops are getting the toxins from the Port Townsend Paper Mill. The Port Townsend Paper Mill is NOT a FIT for the residents, farms, consciousness of the MAJORITY of Port Townsend Washington.

My first year in Port Townsend someone told me to go outside at night with a flashlight, I then lived off of discovery road. The particles in the air were SHOCKING. This toxin does affect you whether you believe it or not. THE TRUTH is the TRUTH no matter who chooses to believe it.

I have head so many stories of people who had to leave Port Townsend Washington due to health issues regarding the fine particle TOXIC air from the GREEDY Port Townsend Paper Mill.

It really may not affect your health. Or you may have other health issues and so you believe it is not affecting your health. I believe it does.

I use to be so excited about all the Organics in Port Townsend, however, how can there truly be Organics with the Port Townsend Paper Mill spewing such a huge amount of ammonia, and other toxins.

Though Port Townsend is a Magical Place, the city is so "cool", there is so many amazing beautiful people and events, so many organics and well it is just a very special place, I have had to leave as have hundreds if not thousands over the years, as my chest would seize with a grip as if in a vice, my head above my eyes would feel intense painful pressure, my eyes would burn and eyesight foggy, my stomach as if turning inside out, my inner ear in intense pain, liver pain and literally waking up seizing, and choking with sever throat and lymph pain.

You can Believe whatever you like, however, the TRUTH is out there SHOULD you ever really want to know. ORCAA is NOT telling the TRUTH. Follow the Money Folks.

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