Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ever Hear of Controlled Opposition? 

It is USED all the Time to Control appearances of events and to manipulate people.

One such Controlled Opposition is Donald Trump. there is NO WAY that TRUMP will be President. Just No Way. And that was NEVER the Point.

So long now you are FOCUSED on his comments instead of focusing on your life, your community, your oppressors and freeing yourself. So long SO FOCUSED on TRUMPS every word, you have literally been mesmerized by hate, by fighting, by bickering and ignoring the TRUTH that you don't even make an effort to actually dig into.

Hillary was the CHOSEN ONE from the Beginning, who really don't know that, come on. Yes the CHOSEN one, aKa the "Lesser Evil" though she has been involved in massive dark events, civil rights violations, women and children abuse, protecting rapists, supporting countries that execute gays and literally thousands of other EVIL Deeds, easily found by READERS. Oh unless you hear the magic word Conspiracy Theory, that is their Abracadabra and means they do not have to look at evidence facts or filter through any of that Conspiracy Theory Mumbo Jumbo but instead just call it a Conspiracy Theory and throw it in the Trash of UnTRUTH.

So back to the CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.  In order to make HILLARY look better, her Family friend Donald TRUMP ran for President, and yes he has brought out issues, those issues would have come out anyway, CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. So they only went so far.

Hillary Clinton's Daughter, who is said to NOT be Bill Clinton's daughter but who cares right as he has a Black Son in which he denies and well he is a rapist and pedophile and who cares right? Anyway, Chelsea Clinton is the BEST OF FRIENDS with Ivanka Trump. They said this election nor anything else would EVER break up their friendship.

Now how do two young women become besties for life?

Well they spend alot of time together. It is common knowledge that the Clinton's and Trumps are Friends, they hang out A LOT. Their daughters are BEST FRIENDS.

Still the public eat up this bizarre BULLSHIT and clear Controlled Opposition. Hillary is more of a Republican and well people cannot see, can't read or just don't care what Hillary has been involved with. They just care that she is not TRUMP. Their plan worked. To be so outrageous, incite Hate, be unruly grab media attention while HILLARY slips in and the PUBLIC says hey if you don't vote for HILLARY that's a vote for TRUMP. Not True, and so far from the actual TRUTH and POINT, but who cares right?

The NAIVE public thinks they are getting the BETTER, the Lesser EVIL, with HILLARY and that they have to CHOOSE one of THEM for the PRESIDENT and CEO of the Corporation of the United States, and they BELIEVE they need a President and that if we could just get in a GOOD GUY all will be right and I never have to actually take responsibility for myself and LEARN the TRUTH about any of it.

If you have been actually doing that thar reading thing for a VERY long time now such as ME, you would know the TRUTH and do anything but let HILLARY be the CEO of the Corporation that rules over you, but oh well YOU don't want to know and HEY its so Awesome, cuz ya um she allegedly has a vagina, so a woman is what we need to be our new CEO and President.

Assuming you do KNOW that the United States is a Corporation and NOT a Country. You do know AT LEAST that RIGHT? Come on, Right?

I will NEVER consent to the Dark Cabal RULING me, even if it's wearing a Dress and the LESSER Evil Pick for the CEO of the Corporation of the United States.

Why did you ever believe you needed a President anyway? WTF comes to mind. Don't you stop and ponder any of this? Why does a corporation run your life? What is really going on?

Oh who cares, it's ALL JUST A CONSPIRACY THEORY ANYWAY and why in the world would our sweet precious Government want to do those mean ol' things to us anyway? Oh I should go research the why of it all. Naaaa oh LOOK a SALE.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox