Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I don't need a PRESIDENT, a Military, a POLICE, a CONSTANT oppressive AUTHORITY. I don't need a hand out taking a third of any money I make so they can around the world killing people and destroying dreams and quality of life. I don't need a False God DOCTOR, slave of Big Pharma terrorizing my divine body with their poisonous, Dark Elixir VENOM.

I have Vibrant PURE Plants from Mother Earth. I do not CONSENT to you making Mother Earth's Medicine ILLEGAL in your Corporation Statutes of which I do not consent to ruling over me, my life, my quality of life, nor my brothers and sisters of every race, gender, animal tribes or plants.

The more authority there is the more there are that go against it and well then police are needed in that illusion of reality they choose. These POLICE work for the CORPORATION of the United States and in that GAME.  They DO NOT work for you or your best interest or FREEDOM. You are the Enemy and they Militarize you and you don't look into any Common Law, Commercial Law, Maritime Law, Admirality Law or any of it. You just go with the flow, don't rock the boat baby otherwise those Conspiracy Theorists will get ya.

You don't use your God given Discernment and Clairvoyant Intuition, instead you give ALL your Power away and believe something outside of yourself is NEEDED. Who Taught you That? What if you dare to UNLEARN IT?

Do you really need Federal Taxes paid to 60 billion for Israel and lot's of other places and Agenda's while your brothers and sisters starve in the street? Do you need STATUTES of a Corporation, Judges who work for a Corporation, towns that are INCORPORATED as CORPORATIONS? WTF? Is this why you came to Earth ? Do you CHOOSE THIS?

What if you said NO? They might KILL YOU. Oh no then you go to HEAVEN right? Or they may Jail you, harass you, threaten you, FINE YOU. WoW, and all this while your fellow men and women, your brothers and sisters of all races stand by and let it happen? YEP.

Well what if you just ponder the idea of NO.

No I don't CONSENT to you GOVERNING me, oppressing me, ruling me, taking my earnings, enslaving me, licensing me, medicating me, poison me, harassing and TERRORIZING me. I want to LIVE Free. I am a Free Soul in a Human Body. I am of the Holy Spirit NOT OF MAN.

I am POWERFUL. I am Valuable and YOU Sir and YOU Madam DO NOT OWN ME.

I Do NOT CONSENT to your Madness, your Statutes of your Corporation. PERIOD.

I am Free. 

If there is ONE thing the Mandela Effect SHOWS Folks, you don't have to be OPPRESSED. You can LITERALLY move your physical body out of the Oppressors REALITY. Enough of their DARK. The Light is HERE now and the Family of LIGHT Reigns KING AND QUEEN in Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. You have but only to pick up your LIGHT and Walk ON in FREEDOM and TRUTH.  You have to CHOOSE.  YOU Get to CHOOSE. WHAT do you Want?

I used to FEAR talking like this. Fear their GUNS, their Jails, their Taxes, their Vaccines, their oppression and evil terror over me. Then I saw a building change, I saw the sky change, I saw the color of the Sun change, I saw my body change anatomy, I saw bottles change labels, movies change lines, bibles change verses and I knew without a doubt GOD IS ALIVE in ME. Goddess is ALIVE in ME and I Really Truly Can Change my Physical Reality and I don't have to FEAR their OPPRESSION, their Statutes, their Military Courts, their Hateful Cruel LIES and harassment. Their False Flags, their FLUORIDE, their 9/11 Evils, their flat out Dark Cruelty, nor anything that the Dark Cabal has ever Fed to ME.

I No Longer CONSENT to ANY OF IT nor DO I Fear it of THEM.

I do not Consent to your COURTS of CORRUPTION and Cruel Oppression. I DO NOT consent to the horrific barbaric statutes of your mind gaming cruel Judges. I AM FREE.

Call it the Mandela Effect, Call it Parallel Universes, Call it BULLSHIT, Call it a Conspiracy Theory, I Don't Care anymore at all about what YOU CALL IT. I have seen actual buildings completely change in a day, book titles changes, history change, signs change, roads change, houses change, maps change, Earth change, star systems change, the milky way change, my own BODY - where my HEART is CHANGED, physically actually changed and so much more CHANGED. So I DO NOT CONSENT TO YOUR FEAR as I WILL CHANGE MY REALITY away from your dark, evil, manipulating, controlling deeds and I do not Fear YOU.


And So It IS.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox